Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy

What is Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy?

arka ayak artroskopisi

Today, one of the latest developments in ankle arthroscopy is that we can now arthroscopically intervene in the posterior region of the ankle. This process has two main features compared to the other. The first is the patient’s position. During the procedure, the patient lies face down on the operating table and the procedure is performed through 2 holes drilled on both sides of the Achilles tendon. On the other hand, this operation is more risky than the other. There are veins and nerves that pass very close to the inner side of the holes we drilled and it is possible for an inexperienced hand to damage them. For this reason, arthroscopy of the back of the ankle should be performed by orthopedic surgeons who have some experience in arthroscopic surgery.

Problems at the Achilles attachment site, tendinitis, synovitis, bursitis, bone and soft tissue compression pains, bone and soft tissue cysts, some benign tumors, cartilage lesions in the posterior region that cannot be reached from the front are the main diseases we treat with this method.

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